69 things that went through my mind while getting to office in Bangalore on a rainy day.

  1. Ah! It’s raining and it’s 9 o’clock. God help me.
  2. Chilly weather. So happy I put my sweater on.
  3. Why can I never find the velcro on my poncho.
  4. Bag covered. Check. Poncho on. Check. Bike working. Check.
  5. Should I work from home?
  6. Nah. Let’s go!
  7. Eeks. Crazy muddy road!
  8. Maniac! People need to watch how they ride. No civic sense only.
  9. Taxi wallah, you can go a little faster.
  10. 10 seconds to go for the signal. Hurry!
  11. Why truck why? Why do you always have to be in my way?
  12. Should’ve worked from home.
  13. Yay! 100 ft road clear!
  14. Spoken too soon.
  15. Just a little bit to the right auto wallah, I can just squeeze through.
  16. Ah! I am the master of the short cut.
  17. Footpaths should be cleared so that pedestrians don’t get in the way of us riders.
  18. Hmmm… If it’s jammed here, then how will it be at Agara??
  19. Wow, that’s risky – going into that puddle not knowing how deep it is.
  20. If he could do it, then why not me?
  21. Wasn’t that bad, was it?
  22. Woah! The jam is till here??
  23. Should’ve worked from home.
  24. What if I take the right road for a change…
  25. Good choice.
  26. Not so good.
  27. Bad choice, Biron.
  28. Terrible choice.
  29. Should’ve worked from home.
  30. Is my playlist half way through already?
  31. More rain. Seriously?
  32. Arrgh, blasted raincoat.
  33. Hmmm, lucky vehicles on that flyover.
  34. More maneuvering on the slush. Just don’t skid.
  35. Golden rule of riding in Bangalore. 2 wheelers always on the left. How could you forget that!
  36. Hmmm.. More cars. Should have worked from home.
  37. Rain’s stopped. Well, so has traffic.
  38. Will this flyover fall under the pressure from all these cars?
  39. Ha! ‘Don’t follow me. I’m Tsunami’ . No buddy I won’t.
  40. Myntra has an End of Reason sale?? Deliberate or typo?
  41. Ah finally we’re moving.
  42. Yay. We’re moving faster!
  43. No making a mistake this time. Golden rule. Stick to the left.
  44. I am the king of off-roading
  45. Woah, that slush was slippery. Note to self: Activa has small tires. No stunts.
  46. Ah the beast that is the outer ring road.
  47. Red signal. Seriously? Should’ve worked from home.
  48. Hmmm, these used to all be fields once upon a time.
  49. Bangalore seriously has to do something about infra.
  50. If only we had a metro under the outer ring road.
  51. Okay! I can see the light’s gone green. Stop honking!
  52. Why is this road always packed?
  53. My rings are slipping off.
  54. Should’ve worked from home.
  55. First flyover. Check.
  56. ECOSPACE. Help!
  57. Will that skywalk thingy ever get completed?
  58. Why can’t the buses stick to the left?
  59. Why can’t the vehicles who want to take the service lane stick to the right?
  60. Yes yes yes. Go go go. Clear flyover. Wohooo!
  61. Arrgh! keep missing that pothole.
  62. Has my playlist restarted?
  63. Autorickshaw! This is a one way. Where are the cops when you need ’em?
  64. Can I be more late than I already am?
  65. Kadubeesanahalli – the place name is easier to pronounce than the journey to get there.
  66. My business park. Finally.
  67. Not that wet. But I hope the office air conditioning is switched off.
  68. One and half hours. Not that bad. I survived.
  69. Let’s kill it at work! (and leave office early and continue work from home!)



69 things that went through my mind while getting to office in Bangalore on a rainy day.